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Welcome to the world of ORIENT Magazine---where east is east and west is west---and where the twain meet and blend, every quarter.

At ORIENT, we strive to build bridges between this great land Asian-Americans now call home, and the homelands they continues to regard with great affection. In doing so, we deliver a new and potent market to those who support us with advertising... one described as the fastest-growing, affluent segment of the American population by American Demographics Magazine, and called the new focus of American business and the key to global expansion by the analysts at Fortune Magazine.

Join us as we celebrate the diversity of Asian-Americans... as we (re)introduce the potential of America to thousands of Asian residents and visitors, and Asia to thousands of intrigued American adventurers.

Explore with us, the wealth of opportunities this vast but relatively neglected commercial frontier has to offer. Bear in mind that the typical Asian American stays in close touch with friends, family and business associates he or she left back home or in other parts of the United States---and puts a very high premium on word-of-mouth recommendations made by fellow Asian-Americans. Consequently, when your message is printed in ORIENT, it will not only reach Asian-Americans and their families. You'll also be targeting thousands of others who are culturally linked to our readers, here and overseas.

Become an intricate part of the Asian-American psyche by advertising in ORIENT magazine. We'll be happy to help you design the message you want to deliver and take you by the hand for an easy stroll across a bridge to a brighter, richer future.

Sincerely yours,

Lita Martija Signature

Lita A. Martija
Publisher and President
Orient Publishing, Inc.


ORIENT Magazine is designed and written for the Asian and American consumer, business person, resident and tourist. As an advertiser, you, too, will appreciate its well-researched content and presentation. With revealing photo essays, informative question-and-answer features, fascinating tips and much, much more---ORIENT "showcases" your advertised message for maximum impact and results.

ORIENT Magazine's vital statistics include:

FORMAT Four-color on 70 lb. glossy, enamel stock; 8.5" x 11"
TARGET READERSHIP General, upscale Asians and Americans
FEATURES People, places and things uniquely Asian and/or distinctly Asian-American, including:

  • Outstanding Asian-Americans as well as Americans with distinct Asian ties or commitments
  • Worthy travel destinations in Asia
  • Asian culinary secrets and adventures
  • Business tips for Asians and Americans in business (or considering doing business) with each other
  • Oriental paths to health and wellness
  • Issues affecting the Asian-American community


ORIENT's network of Asian and American subscribers, advertisers and distributors include:

ORIENT Magazine is distributed nationally in 49 states, including key cities with Asian-American concentrations such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles; the State of Hawaii, which is the only state that boasts of a majority (60 percent of the population) that is a minority (mostly Asian-Pacific); and several key Asian-American cities in Canada.

With each issue, ORIENT will expand its reach until it becomes a full-fledged North American publication with grass-roots readership support in the United States and Canada.

Currently, ORIENT is also establishing bureaus in select Asian cities such as Jakarta, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines with other cities soon to follow.


Basically, everyone interested in knowing the latest about the Orient and the bustling Asia Pacific economies read ORIENT Magazine. This includes leaders of the Asian and American business communities, and several generations of Asian-Americans in various stages of achieving and enjoying the great American Dream.

What's more, thousands of people who live and travel year-round from all parts of the world pick up the magazine because of its visually pleasing photos and illustrations, intriguing features and spotlight on Asian-American places to see and things to do.

According to a 1990 U.S. Census, there are 7.3 million Asian-Americans spread out across the country. With the highest household income and the highest educational attainment of any group in America according to American Demographics, Asian-Americans brandish the two highest indicators of discretionary spending.

Still, they are but one of three solid markets delivered by ORIENT Magazine. Altogether, we strive to give YOU, the advertiser, THE BEST OF THREE WORLDS:


In addition to the magazine readership exposure, the advertisers of ORIENT will receive BONUS exposure worldwide through a FREE online advertisement. ORIENT will create an online advertisement from the submitted magazine ad. The online advertisement will remain online for a duration of one year and may be promoted by the advertiser. You may also want to consider the power of us for details!

Four Color1X3X6X
Full Page$2100$1800$1650
2/3 Page$1800$1500$1350
1/2 Page$1600$1300$1150
1/3 Page$1300$1000$850
1/4 Page$900$600$450
1/6 Page$700$400$250

Black & White1X3X6X
Full Page$1500$1200$1050
2/3 Page$1300$1000$850
1/2 Page$1100$800$650
1/3 Page$900$600$450
1/4 Page$700$450$350
1/6 Page$600$300$150

Special Positions1X3X6X
Inside Front$2800$2400$2050
Inside Back$2800$2400$2050
Back Cover$3100$2600$2250

TASTE OF ASIA Restaurant Showcase
2" x 7/8"$75

SERVICE GUIDE Business Directory
2" x 7/8"$75

2" x 7/8"$75

$50 for the first 30 words plus 50 cents for each additional word.


AD SIZES (in inches)
Full Page7 1/2"10"
2/3 Page4 15/16"10"
1/2 Page Vert.4 15/16"7 7/16"
1/2 Page Horiz.7 1/2"4 11/12"
1/3 Page Vert.2 3/8"10"
1/3 Page Horiz.4 15/16"4 11/12"
1/4 Page Vert.2 3/8"7 7/16"
1/4 Page Horiz.7 1/2"2 3/8"
1/6 Page Vert.2 3/8"4 11/12"
1/6 Page Horiz.4 15/16"2 3/8"
Full Page Bleed8 3/4"11 1/4"
Trim Size8 1/2"11"

COLOR: Film negatives, right reading, emulsion side down. Line screen of 150 is preferred, but 133-200 acceptable. Chromalins or matchprints required for 3- and 4-color reproduction. GATF proofing bars preferred. PMS colors are matched through 4-color process, so please spec artwork accordingly. 4-color Density: max. 280% (90% c, m, y, black)
B/W and 2C: Halftones should be screened at 133-150 line screen and veloxes should be screened at 100 line screen. Proof of copy (velox, photocopy or laserproof) should accompany mechanicals. Density: max. 70%, second color not to exceed 70%

If additional creative, mechanical, typesetting or separation work is required, the advertiser will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. Any scanning, photo retouching, and film costs will be charged at prevailing rates. Quotes are available upon request.

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